Changing Text Size and Color


To change the size of all or just certain portions of your text within an HTML document, use the SIZE attribute of the tag. The following is an example of how the tag should appear in your HTML:

This text should appear in FONT SIZE 4

Seven text sizes can be used within the FONT SIZE tag, with FONT SIZE 1 as the smallest and FONT SIZE 7 as the largest. If you decide not to specify a font size, your text will be displayed in the default size for type which is size 3:

This is FONT SIZE 7
This text is FONT SIZE 6
This text is FONT SIZE 5
This text is FONT SIZE 4
This text is FONT SIZE 3
This text is FONT SIZE 2
This text is FONT SIZE 1


Within your HTML document, changing the color of your text (all or just words or portions) is just as easy as changing text size. The HTML Color Values chart (click here) consists of two sets of values:

  • the "string literal"--the color's actual name (i.e. aliceblue)
  • the hexadecimal triplet (i.e. F0 F8 FF)

You use the color's hexadecimal triplet value within the FONT tag:
Some RED text

Note: You can change the size and the color of the text within a single FONT tag:

Some SIZE 5 text in RED